Low Carb Low Cal Gluten Free Meal

Tilapia burger with keto creamed spinach, italian roasted veggies and buffalo cauliflower.
For dessert, vegan chocolate ice cream with nuts.

I used the following recipes

Tilapia burgers from Slender Kitchen
Homemade Tartar Sauce from My Recipes
Keto Creamed Spinach from Savory Tooth
Italian Roasted Veggies from Joe Cooks
Buffalo Cauliflower from Miss Frugal Mommy
Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream from Bowl of Delicious

The tilapia burgers, I made pretty much per the recipe, I modified it a little, I only had one egg and didn’t have time to run to the store to use only egg yolks, so I just used that one egg.

The tartar sauce, I used this recipe but I modified it to what I was in the mood for, I just used mayo, relish and dill. 

It filled one and half small mason jars.

Italian Roasted Veggies

I modified the recipe to use the veggies I wanted to eat and instead of using oil and italian spices, I used a balsamic vinaigrette

I also added onions, I love roasted onions.

Poured the balsamic vinaigrette and mixed it using tongs.

Popped it onto a baking sheet and baked it per the recipe.

It came out so good, so delish.

I forgot to take pics of the keto creamed spinach but if you follow the recipe it turns out just like that.

Here it is, on the plate. Not only was this delish but it was filling. It filled me up.

Dessert, vegan chocolate ice cream with nuts.  I actually made this a different night but, if you need a fast low carb, low cal gluten free dessert for your meal, this will do it.  It’s fast and easy. The trick is to use ripe frozen bananas to give it that sweetness without sugar.  I used a food processor instead of the dessert bullet but you can use the desert bullet too. Just peel the bananas, add some vanilla extract and coco powder and mix/chop in the food processor. You’ll have a delish sweet soft chocolate ice cream.  After I spooned it out of the food processor into a small ramekin, I topped it with some walnuts.